Understanding Core Online Mapping Concepts

In this blog post, I plan on talking about a few foundational online mapping concepts that are essential to understand for those who do map development. Most of these concepts are discussed in this Bing Maps Tile System article. But I feel like the article didn’t really take the time to explain all of them in detail, and beginner level map developers might find them hard to understand. So the purpose of this blog post is to bridge that gap for beginner level developers, and “demystify” these concepts in more plain, layman terms. Maybe it will even help reinforce these concepts for more advanced readers.  Continue reading →

Bing To Mapbox: Part 2

In Part 1 of this blog post series, I talked about the overall process I went through to migrate from Bing to Mapbox. In this Part 2, I will be digging into technical details of both providers and do a one-to-one class comparison & contrast with code examples. My intention for this blog post is to provide you with a technical guide if you were to take on a similar migration project.

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Bing To Mapbox: Part 1

Recently I worked on a fun (fun for me, that is) project for my company, SST Software, in which I swapped out the web mapping API and tiles provider from Bing to Mapbox/Leaflet. Overall it was a good experience and it gave me a chance to compare and contrast Bing Map with Mapbox/Leaflet API. Before I started the migration, I searched for resources on this very topic but couldn’t find much. Mapbox.com website has an article on migrating from Google to Mapbox, but nothing on Bing to Mapbox. So I figured it might be helpful to the community to blog about what I learned from this experience. Continue reading →