Riot.js – Part 1: What is Riot and why it’s great.

Welcome to my blog series on Riot. My colleague, Brady Cartmell, and I will be co-authoring this series. We recently used Riot on two major production projects, and we loved it. It even exceeded our expectations and gave us some pleasant surprises on several occasions. We are very happy with it, and are excited to share with the community our experience using it. We think it’s a great choice for writing web UI in the year 2016 and forward. We believe it’s worth your time to consider using it in your web projects too.

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Writing CSS For Large Projects – A Guide

Introduction – Why Do We Even Care?

Let’s start our discussion with a funny gif. I blieve it sums up the purpose of this blog post pretty well.



CSS is very powerful. It’s what gives us the pretty web. But unfortunately, like a lot of other powerful technologies, it can be easily abused. When it is written badly, the severity of the consequence can range from confusing code to next-to-impossibe maintenance or modification of software.

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