How To Define UI Specs To Developers


Writing code for UI is hard and time-consuming. Therefore, it’s worth the time and effort to talk about what we can do to improve the process of converting specs to actual UIs. Trust me, time spent upfront on understanding the UI specs is time well spent. I’ve been writing (mostly web) UI code for many years now, and have had to learn the hard way some valuable lessons. I want to share some of my thoughts here in hope that it might help others.

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The Fellowship of The Unashamed: From A Martyred Pastor

A friend of mine shared this with me. He said the original source is unconfirmed but it is attributed to a young African pastor; found among his belongings after he was martyred for his faith.



I am part of the fellowship of the unashamed.

I have the Holy Spirit’s power.
The die has been cast. I have stepped over the line.

The decision has been made – I am a disciple of Jesus Christ.

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A Morning Declaration Prayer

morning prayer

This morning, I declare that:

My hope is in the Lord in whom I trust.  He is for me and not against me.  Christ, the Victorious One, abides in me and I abide in Him.  Holy Spirit is guiding me into Truth and Revelation.  In the strength of the Lord, I will stand firm against the enemy.  What the enemy intended for evil, God has used for good.

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